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 My Puppy's First Harness 

Chelsea Chihuahua's nylon baby puppy harness.  Light weight and comfortable.  The lead has a light small buckle which will not irritate the puppy or hurt its back.  Both neck and body strap can be adjusted to fit the puppy perfectly with no possibility of slipping out.

 Super Soft Leather Harness & Lead 

Exclusive to Chelsea Chihuahua, our stunning easy to use step-in leather harness with matching lead.   

This is a wonderful rolled leather, handmade harness set, made out of very soft and flexible genuine leather. The harness feels very smooth and looks great. 

Our harness is intended for extra small, toy, miniature and small dog breeds.  The soft texture is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and the rolled leather is suited to dogs with a long coat as the round shape helps to prevent tangling and matting.

And whilst your pooch feels comfortable and looks stylish the soft rolled leather dog leash feels comfortable and lightweight.

Leash length is 4 feet or 122 cm. Diameter is 1/4" or 6 mm.

Size XS - fits small adults under 4lb and puppies you have mastered 'nylon harness walking' (please note this is not a harness for puppies to learn in, as the puppy can slip out due to the easy step-in system designed for older puppies and adult dogs)

Size Small - fits adult dogs over 4lb



Chelsea Chihuahua prefer customers to use collars as decoration for their beloved four legged companion  rather than to attach a lead and walked in.  Should your dog spook and pull away on a collar, they will hurt their neck and possibly injure themselves. For new puppy owners slowly introduce your puppy to a collar and do not leave unsupervised in the first few weeks, in case they get caught on something in the home.  Aways remove the collar when leaving your puppy at home alone for a few hours.

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