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Every Dog deserves a forever loving home 

Chelsea Chihuahua are proud to offer an Adult Chihuahua Rehoming Service.  
Available dogs may have come into our care for a number of reasons,
from owners developing allergies, unforeseen circumstances or dogs who were kept on as pick of the litter for breeding but grew too small or testicles did not descend.
All dogs are different and we seek all types of homes, from retired households wishing for a lapdog companion to young families looking for a family pet.
If you would like to offer an adult Chihuahua a forever loving home please contact Chelsea Chihuahua via email:

A questionnaire will be sent to ensure we match you with the perfect dog.
Our prices are transparent: dogs over 5yrs of age £500,  2-5yrs old £1000, 1-2yrs £1500, under 1 from £1500
Home visits will be held and proof of ID for potential new owners.


A percentage of the profits will continue to support our chosen animal charities.   

If you seek the help of Chelsea Chihuahua to rehome your dog on your behalf please get in touch, sometimes being a loving dog owner means tough decisions,

and deciding to rehome your dog can be one of the toughest.  No matter your circumstances we will listen without judgement and make things as simple as possible.

Charlie - Adopted

Charlie was pick of the litter from 2019.  He was handsome in every way with the most loving heart and soul.

Unfortuantly Charlie had an undecended testcile which is common in toy breeds and therefore was not suited for breeding.

He was castrated and is now the fur son of a lovely couple who shower him with the daily affection he deserves.


Gigi- Adopted

Gorgeous Gigi was sold and delivered in 2015 by Chelsea Chihuahua to a lady in Monaco.  

When Gigi's owner had a baby, it was soon apparent the new family addition had an allergy to pet hair.  With a heavy heart her owner entrusted Chelsea Chihuahua to rehome Gigi.


Gigi soon stole the heart of her new owner and continues to be the jetset dog she is and is now living her best life in Brazil.

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