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Soft Leather Harness and Lead

This is a wonderful rolled handmade dog step-in harness and lead set. It is made out of very soft and flexible genuine leather. This harness feels very smooth and looks great. It will fit dogs with sensitive skin.

Rolled leather dog harnesses are great for long haired dog breeds because round shape helps to prevent tangled and matted fur around your pet’s neck. They look great on dogs with short hair too.

Soft rolled leather dog leash feels very comfortable in the palm.

This harness is intended for extra small, toy, miniature and small dog breeds.

Leash length is 4 feet or 122 cm. Diameter is 1/4" or 6 mm.


Size XS fits Chihuahua puppies and small adults under 4lb

Size  S fits Adult Chihuahuas over 4lb

Soft Leather Harness and Lead

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