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Disposable Diapers XS
  • OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers in the extra small to small size are perfect for female dogs.  Stretchable fabric makes for a comfy fit, and the soft, leak-proof barriers keep things dry.
  • The super absorbent core in each and every dog nappy is specifically designed to lock in all moisture, and it's guaranteed to work every time. A stretch waistband means your dog can move around with ease while staying dry.
  • We've got your dog's fur on our minds. That's why we made fur safe fasteners to keep the diapers from slipping off while keeping your dog's fur from sticking to the folds of the wrap. Putting them on and taking them off is safe and easy.
  • Perfect for female dogs who are house training or experiencing excitable urination, incontinence, are in heat, or are travelling with their favourite humans, these female dog diapers are perfect for any occasion. These OUT! Disposable Diapers with leak-proof fit will give you the peace of mind no matter where you go.

Disposable Diapers XS

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